February 25, 2014

Short and Sweet

Ruby has been extra sweet and good lately.  She seems to know when I can use closeness and a cuddle, and when to remind me to play, smile and laugh.  As a testament to how crazy about her I am, I can just stare at her when she is sleeping, admiring the pink of her ears, her splotchy lips, her funny "wild hairs" - the ridiculously long sprig on her shoulder, the only clue to a Border Collie coat - her perfect little paws, the way her nose wiggles as she's sniffing along the path of her dreams.  I adore her more every day. 


  1. As tired as I am of winter, it's a wonderful excuse to cuddle up inside with a pup friend.

    I'm glad you and Ruby are enjoying spending time together.

  2. So, so very sweet!! Off to go adore my herd! :)

  3. Ruby is so pretty, and this post made us fit in a quick cuddle sesh!

  4. Our dogs are like that. What I love is that our adult dogs will push into me to give a warm hug right when I need it. The puppies are learning to do the same.


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