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Dog training is fairly new to me - my last two dogs, who both passed away at age 14 in 2013, were not trained by any means. They knew a few commands and led most of our walks. Most of my animal training experience has been with horses, but I saw the adoption of my high-energy young terrier mix as an opportunity to explore positive reinforcement methods and increase my knowledge of dog behavior and body language. While Ruby's reactivity prevents us from participating in most classes and dog sports, I've discovered her brilliant aptitude for trick training. Boca is more interested in treats than tricks, but she has picked up a few things along the way, too! Click below to follow our progress:

I believe in training with kindness using reward-based and force-free methods. Not only are these methods scientifically proven, but they foster a deeper relationship with our dogs. I would much rather my dogs work for a currency of trust than a currency of fear. I am more interested in being their partner than being their boss. I do not support the use of choke chains, prong/pinch or shock collars, and will always return to my favorite quote from the incomparable Dr. Ian Dunbar:


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