Trick Training

Ruby is working toward her Intermediate Trick Dog Title!
Follow any linked text to see photos/videos of tricks listed. 
  1. sit
  2. down
  3. paw (shake with left paw)
  4. other paw (shake with right paw)
  5. arm (front paws up on person's offered forearm)
  6. roll over (to the right)
  7. roll over (to the left - I don't have a cue for this really, just say "other way" after roll over to the right )
  8. touch (with nose) 
  9. stay
  10. wait
  11. here (recall, in house only)  
  12. get set (sit at right side in preparation for walking)
  13. watch
  14. let's go
  15. leave it (treats, kibble when placed in front of her or dropped, tug)
  16. go to your den (kennel)
  17. go to your mat 
  18. jump (jump straight up) 
  19. hind leg lift (left is dominant but she'll do either) (currently changing cue to "How Do Boys Pee? and working on refining this with a hold) 
  20. over (jump an obstacle)
  21. give kisses (chin or cheek)
  22. relax (lying down flat on side, head down) (currently working on increasing time with a release cue ("ok")
  23. bye bye (wave) 
  24. time for bed (goes upstairs at bedtime) 
  25. under (crawl under an obstacle) (currently working on leg weaves with this cue)
  26. speak 
  27. give me five
  28. give me ten
  29. paws up (front paws on an obstacle (currently step-stool and box))
  30. which hand? (touching with paw the closed hand that contains the treat) 
  31. spin (to the right)
  32. twirl (to the left)  
  33. off (jump down from an object)
  34. come up (jump on to an object)
  35. fix your leash (lifting paw when leash gets under it)
  36. get it! (grab tug) 
  37. pretty (sitting up on haunches) 
  38. jump through a hula hoop (using "over" command)
  39. bravo (take a bow) 
  40. dig dig (will dig at the ground where I point indoors or outdoors)
  41. jump over Boca (Boca in a down) (using "over" command) 
  42. run home (on-leash, runs to our back gate)  
  43. get in (walk into and sit in center of hula hoop on the floor) 
  44. get out (walk out of hula hoop)
  45. are you shy? (ducks head to hide under paw) 
  46. chin (head down in laying down position)
  47. jazz paws (paws in the air in sit pretty position)
  48. stand (from down or sit)
  49. "box turn" off of sofa (cue is a "tschew" sound)
  50. leg weaves ("under" cue)
  51. figure 8s around my legs ("around") 
  52. march ("Spanish Walk" - high front leg lifts
  53. target (paw target) 
  54. peek-a-boo (position between my feet, facing forward)
  55. muzzle (sticks her nose in a cup) 
  56. jumping through my bent leg (using "over" cue)
  57. holding/hugging a toy ("hold") 

Cues/Tricks Ruby Is Working On
  • roll out the carpet
  • go under a towel/blanket ("undercover")
  • hide face ("hide" for now from "arm" command with her front paws on my forearm)
  • back up
  • with me (heel, looking up)
  • leave it (the cat, my socks) 
  • here (recall, outside)
  • drop it to hand 
  •  circling rear legs around front legs on object (currently working with a book, cue "circus")  
Cues/Tricks to Teach

  • bring it 
  • crawl
  • put toys away
  • limp 
  • quiet
  • be a lady (cross paws)
  •  balance all four paws on a pedestal (perch)
  • play a toy piano 
  • stick her tongue out
  • somersault
  • growl (think of clever cue)
  • object identification: find your...

    • ball
    • tug
    • kong    
    • antler    

    1. sit
    2. here (recall)  
    3. down
    4. paw 
    5. stay 
    6. pretty
    7. go to den
    Cues Boca is Working On
    • touch 
    • leave it
    • relax
    • get in (box)
    • roll over  
    • spin