Rescue Passion

Ruby and I on her Gotcha Day

Why 'Rubicon Days'? Along with the obvious play on Ruby's name, the river Rubicon bears along its current and in its crossing the idea of a "point of no return." While this may sound daunting, my rather passionate and immutable philosophy about dogs is that they are forever. They are a lifetime commitment, one not to be taken lightly.  I am always an advocate for adoption first - there are so many dogs in need of loving homes. Whatever unexpected challenges they present are simply another facet to a life lived with these fascinating and devoted companions, and never a reason for giving up.

If you are planning to adopt a dog, please consider seeking the help of a professional trainer to aid you in selecting the right dog for your household. Rescue groups are a wonderful resource if you are looking for a particular breed and often have more detailed information about their available dogs. Fostering is also an important way to help dogs in need as many do not fare well in crowded shelter conditions. Smaller organizations depend on foster homes and there is nearly always a shortage. If you have your heart set on a purebred puppy, take the time to find a responsible breeder. Pet store, internet and Craigslist puppies are often bred by unscrupulous wholesalers, otherwise known as puppy mills.

I like to remember the rescue dogs I've crossed paths with through transport or foster and will continue to record their names here:

Riggs - Norwegian Elkhound transported from Nebraska to Colorado 2004
Bjorn - Norwegian Elkhound, fostered October - December 2005
Dante - Norwegian Elkhound, transported from Colorado to Nebraska 2006
Sasha - Norwegian Elkhound puppy, transported from Denver to Grand Junction 2007
Vlad - Chihuahua, fostered September - October 2007
Gus - Norwegian Elkhound, transported from Denver to Boulder 2010
Garth - Norwegian Elkhound, transported from Denver to Boulder 2011
Keemo - Bahamian Potcake, temporary foster 2015
Yule - terrier mix from New Mexico, short transport within Denver 2015
All the Puppies! - various puppies shuttled from transport drop-off to foster homes in 2016

As of February 2016 I am deeply involved with Paws on the Ground Colorado, the protest group turned rescue partner I belong to which is helping a local pet store move toward a humane model. I transport rescue puppies, network adoptable dogs and advocate for a puppy mill free Colorado.  Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I can’t imagine a life without dogs. Having adopted four in my adult life, two of those being challenging, I can say that it isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. Dogs show us who we are and what we need to learn. They remind us what play is and lead us down unexpected paths. They lift us up with sparkling eyes and tongue-lolling grins. They comfort us without getting tangled up in words. A life shared with a dog is one that is never lonely. From their buoyant puppy days to their gray-muzzled old age, they teach us how to love. Dogs make us better people.