My Reactive Dog


One of the main reasons I started this blog was to provide support for other reactive dog owners. After a short "honeymoon period" in which Ruby appeared to be taking things in stride, including trips to the dog park and enrollment in doggie daycare once a week, she began to show increasing signs of reactivity.  Having experienced leash reactivity with a previous dog, it wasn't something I hoped to deal with again, but I was committed to Ruby and therefore learning everything about it and ways to help us manage and reverse it. Ruby's reactivity is quite extreme and triggered by sights and sounds even at great distance. I sometimes joke that her triggers are "anything that moves" and the worst are dogs, skateboards, bikes and vehicles. She is also reactive to bikes and animals on TV.  We have made some progress but the greatest strides have been made through acceptance and management. I hope that the posts compiled here will help others dealing with similar issues.

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  1. Laughed at the mention of the honeymoon period. I experienced the exact same thing with my pup. The first week I had her she seemed maybe a little nervous but otherwise fine.. then week two she started barking at tree stumps. I still see a similar effect when I take her to a new place, it's like she takes awhile to get her bearings before she decides to let everyone hear how she is feeling about this new development.


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