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When I started this blog I didn't know that dog food would become one of my main focuses. Ruby was a picky eater when I adopted her, which prompted me to try some new things and learn about the rotation diet. The Ginger sisters eat a wide range of brands, formulas and formats, from kibble to freeze-dried and frozen raw. They look forward to their meals and I feel good about the benefits this variety offers. It allows us to try new, high quality foods that come on the market, and it means if there is a problem or a recall with a brand we can easily switch to something else. Not every dog can tolerate changes in their diet, but I believe feeding the same thing every day for a dog's life actually contributes to this kind of digestive system intolerance and possibly food allergies. My dogs have never had a problem changing foods cold turkey. Here is an example of our feeding schedule:

Now I can't imagine feeding any other way, and I continue to increase my knowledge about what my dogs are eating. I hope you'll find some helpful resources here, whether you're looking for a new dog food, curious about the rotation diet or interested in other ways to enrich meal time for your dogs.

Ingredient Traceability (with Open Farm)

Why I Love Rotational Feeding (with Open Farm)

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Five Ways to Save Money on Dog Food

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The Bear & The Rat Freeze Dried Yogurt Treats

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Frozen Pumpkin Treats with Goat Milk and Turmeric

10 Healthy Pumpkin Treat Recipes  

I highly recommend the book Dog Food Logic by Linda Case.

If you are a raw feeder or interested in learning more about raw feeding, I can't think of a better place to start than Keep the Tail Wagging, where Kimberly Gauthier elaborates on all the ways her dogs eat better than she does.

Over half of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Do you know your dog's body condition score?

SlimDoggy is an excellent resource for all things canine nutrition. 

I always check out anything new I'm considering feeding on Dog Food Advisor.

If you like talking dog food as much as I do, you might enjoy the Dog Food Nerds of Facebook discussion group.

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