November 24, 2017

Brentwood Home Pet Bed Giveaway

The Ginger Sisters are very happily spoiled: they have their own furniture as well as being allowed on mine. In addition to the biggest dog bed in the house (my bed), they each have beds in the dining area where they stay when I leave the house, beds in each of their dens (kennels) in the living room, and a bed in my bedroom.

Boca sometimes likes to sleep in the dog bed in the bedroom, particularly during the summer when it's too warm for dog pile cuddling. Both dogs use the bedroom dog bed as a launch pad onto the big bed since I have slippery laminate floors. I think it's important for our pets to have a variety of places to feel safe and comfortable in our homes, which is why I was delighted to partner with Brentwood Home for a pet bed giveaway!

Brentwood Home knows what they are doing when it comes to luxurious rest...they have been handcrafting mattresses for people and producing them in their California factory for many years. Their pet beds are made from those same non-toxic, high quality materials and stylishly designed to fit in with almost any decor.

I chose the Runyon Bed in Mocha for the Ginger Sisters, since they like the bolster-style beds with a place to rest their heads. The washable cover is sturdy but soft, and the orthopedic foam offers a supportive, cushiony place to curl up. Boca barely waited until the bed was unboxed to try it out, and she opted to sleep in the new bed several nights in a row once it was in the bedroom.

We are giving one of our wonderful readers a chance to win a Brentwood Home pet bed of their choice, as well an exclusive discount code for anyone wishing to treat their dog to a new bed for the holidays. Use code RUBI15 for 15% off on the Runyon and Griffith pet beds good through 12/31/17 11:59PM PST, one use per customer.

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Good luck! 

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