December 14, 2016

Purple Chair Sessions

My aunt moved into a new house that they are fixing up, and it's filled with her usual sense of style and beautiful light, so I took the oppportunity over Thanksgiving to snap some pictures of the Ginger Sisters with their new cousin, Mozzie.

December 10, 2016

Love, Trust and Communication: The Gifts of Positive Training

When I adopted Ruby in 2013 I didn't exactly have a training philosophy, and I had no idea how essential training and management would be to our life together. By the time I adopted Boca (as a foster failure), I knew that positive reinforcement was my goal and I've tried to employ it every step of the way with my two wonderful girls.

Aside from trick training and enrichment like crate games, I don't do a lot of formal or obedience training, but my background in horses taught me that every interaction is training. Day to day life with The Ginger Sisters is a constant dialog, and sometimes lessons are learned - for good or bad - before I even realize it. My dogs are far from perfect, but my relationship with them is one of the most important and treasured in my life, and I would never sacrifice it for a shortcut. My adherence to positive training is non-negotiable and a value I won't compromise on. Its gifts aren't quantifiable, but among its greatest are love, trust and communication.