August 19, 2014

Gingers Just Want to Have Fun

Ruby, Preacher (preachin') and Walter
During the work-week, the routine is largely the same for Ruby and Boca. It's the weekends that we all look forward to, when longer walks, car trips and play-dates take place. This past weekend was no exception, and although it was a busy one, I made sure that the girls got to take advantage of some fun in the sun. 

I am so lucky that the place my horse Coro is boarded currently, Infinity Farm, is also home to our corgi friends and my dogs are welcome there - a rarity at many equine establishments. The dogs and I both enjoyed our first long trip in my new car, and they seemed to be comfortable on the new seat cover. Ruby even laid down on the edge of the seat so that she was utilizing the "hammock" feature. The fabric is a little slippery, but I think this encourages the dogs to settle down for the trip, something that aids in keeping Ruby's reactive outbursts towards passing motorcycles on the freeway to a minimum.

Ruby made several laps of the yard before I could even get her harness off, and they all had a great time digging, barking at goats and llamas and playing "catch me if you can" while I rode Coro for the first time in far too long. I have had Coro for over twenty years, and even if so much time goes by between rides, we soon pick up right where we left off. I loved being able to amble around on his back while watching a lesson going on, and afterward all of us horse crazy ladies picnicked in the shade of a tree. It was a perfect afternoon for all.
Ruby levitating, Preacher, Boca and Walter in frame

Even Ruby slept all the way home - which is something that seldom happens - and both dogs crashed for the rest of the day. They were almost too tired to eat dinner (but only almost). The next day the dogs had to stay home while I looked at barns - as much as I love where Coro is living it is a long haul and I'd like to find something closer so that I can ride more often. One place had a yak, turkeys and an ancient Australian shepherd. I think it is so fun to see all the different animals people keep on farms. Although I have lived in Denver for fourteen years now, I will always be a country girl at heart. 

Last night, the ginger sisters decided that they wanted to participate in Monday Mischief: Boca stole a sandwich and Ruby made a plaything out of an unfortunate moth. My dad and I were eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Parts Unknown and he left his plate on the coffee table for a moment to get a glass of water. Boca sniffed her way over to the plate, and despite my scolding " no...leave that," I could not stand up fast enough to stop her and watched as she snatched the toasted cheese morsel. She did drop it halfway across the floor, and I had to laugh at her bold street dog thievery.

I let the girls out on the patio one last time before bed, and Ruby took the opportunity to grab a medium-sized moth that was hovering near the ground and ran gleefully back inside with it. She is the consummate keep-away artist, so I knew there was no chance of getting it away from her, and instead watched in a combination of intrigue and pity as she toyed with the insect. She must have caught and released it about twenty times, holding it gently enough in her mouth before letting it flap away so she could bat it with her paws and snap it up again. She was delighted with her game and was wagging her tail happily the entire time as well as trying to share her fluttering toy with Boca. She lost interest once the poor moth succumbed, and I was glad at least that she didn't eat it. 

Do your dogs chase or play with bugs? My Norwegian elkhound Freya was afraid of flies, bless her heart. 


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! One of these days you should include a picture of Coro. :)

    It's a very herdy-dog thing to go after bugs. Elli is absolutely not fond of bugs of any kind, especially if they buzz near her, crawl on her or near her. Riko, on the other hand, likes to chase ants, haha.

    1. Ruby entertains herself with ants, also!

      I did link to a picture of Coro in that paragraph, but agree that I need to snap some new ones of him!

  2. Looking at these photos, it is easy to see why Preacher got his name. Yes, two weeks ago I had a deep 4" long toenail scratch from my nose to my jaw. I got in between Preacher and a fly. Well, underneath. (Great having you here!)

  3. Dottie is afraid of flies too, she tucks her tail and runs when they get after her.

  4. That sounds like such a wonderful and relaxing time!! The pictures of all 4 ginger dogs are so cute!!

    The girls don't really like bugs, bugs weird them out. Wasps make them mad, they've both been stung a couple of times and they get very upset when any come around.

    1. I do worry about Ruby's penchant for going after bugs in regard to bees and wasps - that's a painful lesson to learn.

  5. What a good time! I have that tune in my head now. : )

  6. Honey likes to chase bees. Other bugs don't catch her attention.

    Glad to know the dogs weren't so tired out by their weekend adventures to cause a little Monday Mischief. Sometimes you just need to misbehave.


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