August 4, 2015

Rest Easy, Cosmo

I didn't expect to be sharing sad news today, especially not the sudden loss of one of Ruby's friends. Cosmo was a Pug/Chihuahua adopted from Denver Dumb Friends League, the same local shelter that my Norwegian elkhound, Freya, came from. 

I loved Cosmo's jaunty little trot, his soft butterscotch fur, his big baby eyes and his silky folded-over ears. He was an impressive fetcher, a consummate beggar for Chinese food, and his "speak" trick was the most hilarious thing ever, growling gutturally with his mouth open. I called him Cosmonaut.

Before getting to know Cosmo, I'd mainly been around bigger dogs - what I considered "real" dogs. Cosmo astonished me with his intelligence and intent focus on his person. He learned tricks easily and seemed to understand a good deal of what you said, tilting his head back and forth in that irresistible way.

Cosmo played a significant role in my adoption of Ruby, since I wanted a dog similar in size so they could be playmates. I'm so grateful that he changed my thinking about smaller dogs. The two of them had a lot of fun together after some initial skirmishes - chasing each other in madcap dashes around the sofas, tag-teaming the flying disc at the baseball field and crashing contentedly after wrestling matches.

Dogs never stay long enough, but when their lives are cut short at a young age it seems all the more unfair. In agreeing to share our lives with animals, we are signing a certain contract for heartbreak. I like to think it splits our hearts wider open, every one we love. I'm so very sorry for what Cosmo's dad is going through, and I will miss that cute, charismatic boy.


  1. Thank you, L. He loved you (and not just because you fed him bits of Fried Won Tons). Our house feels so empty and too quiet without him.

  2. So so sorry to hear about Cosmo. Run free sweetheart
    Lily & Edward

  3. I am so sorry for your friend's loss. Cosmo sounds like a wonderful pup and must have given his family so much joy. I know what it's like to come home to an empty house - it hurts. Blessings to you all.

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry. Cosmo was a cutie! :(

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this...


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