November 6, 2015

My Five Favorite Pictures of Ruby

Earlier in the week I talked about Ruby's expressiveness. Between that, her unique markings and her photogenic propensity, choosing just five favorite pictures of her was no easy task. Her personality really shines in pictures and I think that is why she has so many fans in those of you who read Rubicon Days and follow us on social media. It makes me so happy to think all of you can see her the way I do, even knowing the many ways in which she is a complicated dog.  I take pictures of her almost daily, and I never get tired of looking at them. I love being able to portray the many faces of my amazing girl. It's sometimes hard to fit Ruby's wonderfully huge ears in frame, as evidenced by my first favorite. Her always-beautiful eyes are so imploring here, but it's that little pink lip that slays me the most. This picture was taken when Boca was getting a tooth extracted and I thought Ruby was feeling a little blue in her sister's absence so I tried to cheer her up with some training and a photo shoot.

I don't have a story behind this picture, it's just gorgeous. I've always loved unusual markings, from pinto horses to dapple and merle dogs, and it's no secret that eye-patches and split-faces will catch my eye on adoption sites. Ruby is a deep thinker and I've never known a dog with such a faraway look in her eyes at times, like she's pondering the meaning of life.

Due to her reactivity, I don't get many opportunities to photograph Ruby in different outdoor settings, especially off-leash. This was a lucky day when we had the dog park to ourselves at the crack of dawn. Ruby would leap up on the rocks to wait for me to throw her flying disc. She looks so pretty in her blaze-orange harness, even if it is crooked, and she is staring at me with that trademark intensity. 

While nothing special in its lighting or composition, this is possibly my all-time number-one favorite picture of Ruby. With dirt sprinkling her muzzle and paws, she is wholly satisfied and self-assured, oozing attitude with that smug look of accomplishment. Digging is one of her greatest delights, and don't expect her to apologize for it.

This picture reminds me that Ruby looks stunning in black and white, but what I adore about it is the joy she is exuding. She was waiting for me to throw her ball, ready to pounce into a play-bow, eyes sparkling and mouth smiling. Ruby often looks fervently serious in photos so I'm thrilled when I'm able to capture her lighthearted side.

I'll continue this series with my favorite pictures of Boca and of The Ginger Sisters together. One of the best parts about having a camera perpetually on hand is the ability to collect and distill those intangible moments that make life with dogs so extraordinary.


  1. Replies
    1. She does! I wish I'd gotten her a purple harness, but Freedom harnesses are so high quality I can't really justify getting another for quite a few years, and the Sensible harness only comes in black.

  2. You have such an innocent face. We bet you get whatever you want
    Lily & Edward

  3. She does have beautiful markings, even her ears have light splashes of color on the rims- I never noticed that before!

  4. I love them all. She has such an expressive face and - WOW - those eyes.

  5. I just love her. Not pictured, but the "paws up" one of her is my favorite.

    1. I loved that one so much that I got it on a t-shirt!


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