January 12, 2016

I'm a Kissing Fool When It Comes to My Dogs

For International 'Kiss a Ginger Day' I thought I might as well confess that I happily give and receive dog kisses on a regular basis. Some people think that's gross..

I actually used to be one of those people, until a certain Border Jack came along. It's one of the many ways Ruby has changed my life. I can attest that it's pretty much impossible to resist her adorable advances. My vet calls her "The Phantom Licker," referring to her intrepid talent for slurping your face seemingly out of nowhere. I don't have the heart to deny her obvious and overzealous displays of fondness.

My previous dogs were not big on kiss distribution, but after two and a half years with Ruby I don't feel my day is complete without her special and enthusiastically spit-drenched tokens of affection. "Do you have any kisses for me?" I ask her every morning when I wake up, and she has about ten or twenty, without fail.

I do prefer she not kiss me on the lips, usually offering my chin or cheek instead, but she loves to pounce when I'm laughing or yawning. I have caught many a pet selfie of the ubiquitous dog kissing face: eyes squeezed tight, mouth scrunched up in a delighted smile. I fully admit that those sloppy kisses make me feel loved.

Boca is a bit more reserved with her kissing, so I especially appreciate her occasional demure kisses on my nose. Even sweeter are her Eskimo kisses, and the softest little single nudge with her cold black nose when she wants to be petted. Boca is more of a hugger. When I get home she jumps up and wraps her paws around my waist.

The Ginger Sisters always get goodnight kisses from me. Boca has the tiniest little white fleck on the top of her head - made for kissing - and I love to smooch Ruby's velvety fox-like ears. I know I'm ridiculous. I can't help myself! Besides, I've read about studies theorizing that dog saliva may actually benefit our immune health! I do notice I haven't been sick very often since adopting Ruby...

Do you let your dog kiss you? 


  1. I don't let my dogs kiss me for about 20 minutes after they eat, but any other time is fair game. Both my boys love to give kisses. A kiss from my girl is a gift.

  2. That's so sweet! I'm admittedly not someone that enjoys dog kisses. None of my dogs are allowed to do it, except for Nola on rare occasions. Even her "give me a kiss!" cue is a press of her nose to my face, rather than a lick.

  3. Such a sweet pic! <3 I let Happy kiss me all the time, but he doesn't let me kiss him sometimes. ;)

  4. So sweet!! I do let my dogs kiss me and try not to let them go for the lips. Tucker loves to kiss your ears and Teach just kisses with the tip of his tongue, he's very polite about it. The long collie noses are perfect for planting kisses on!

  5. Barley eats out of the litter box, so I discourage her kisses as much as possible. But I do kiss her right between the eyes or on her nose (when it's not covered in litter) on a regular basis. I kiss Soth, too. If I pucker up, he'll come stick his nose out for me to kiss!

  6. Nike loves to kiss, and by kiss I mean her gigantic tongue can devour an entire face. :) Unfortunately, her saliva really irritates my skin, so I keep the kisses short and sweet. I do kiss her good night at bedtime. Her cheeks are pretty gigantic, because she's a big girl, and they're perfect for kissing! :)

  7. Mr. N knows I don't like face kisses so we've settled on hand kisses. That's usually how we start our mornings!

  8. All of our dogs are kissers. I think it has to do with their breed and the fact that I've had them all since they were babies, so they've grown up being loved on and kissed. I taught Rodrigo "Kiss Mommy" and the other dogs picked it up as well.

  9. I have a Ruby, too! She's not big on kissing, but she loves to cuddle.

  10. You're not alone. Many people love puppy kisses.

    We've had strangers come up and be very disappointed when they couldn't get Honey to lick their faces. She is not a kisser at all.

    But I certainly wouldn't expect her to kiss a stranger. :p

    Isn't it funny to see how much we can start to enjoy something when the dogs we love do it? :)


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