November 8, 2013

Five Things I Love About Ruby

  • the little beauty mark on her eyelid on the white side of her face

  • the gleeful way she runs through the house with a pair of socks she's stolen from the laundry

  • the quiet "boof" she uses when I ask her to speak - if only this was always her indoor voice!

  • the way she crawls under the covers and curls up by my side every morning

  • her sweet pink freckled belly


  1. Sometimes when Savannah is sleeping, she'll let out the softest little barks. It's sweet because she's a 65+lb dog. :)

  2. Ruby has a vocal variation ranging from sweet little huffs to headsplittingly high-pitched. I was hoping to hear a howl when she was watching a wolf segment of a nature program, but there was merely head-tilting.

  3. I love rubbing Sydney's belly and she loves having it rubbed. It's my favorite part of her. Rodrigo cracks me up, because he does a quiet woof when he wants attention and then crawls as close to me as possible lifts a paw, so that I can hug him tightly.

    I love dogs!


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