December 6, 2013

Five Quirky Things About Ruby

~ Ruby is not that enthused about kibble out of her bowl, but if I toss each piece on the floor one by one it becomes the yummiest thing ever.

~ She has become much more independent and is no longer the stick-tight she was in the first few weeks, but when I'm in the shower she is invariably curled resignedly on the bathmat with a somewhat concerned expression, as if she needs to make sure I come back out.  

~ Although she is not really big on getting pets, she will lift her left hind leg for you to scratch the inside of her thigh.  To the uninitiated and those uncertain of her gender, it appears she has mistaken them for a fire hydrant. I've put it on cue and we call this "trick" 'Scratchies.'

~ I give her dehydrated sweet potato chews, and she usually gives it the side-eye, throws it around and barks at it for an average of two days before it becomes suddenly irresistible and she devours it.  

~ Poor little thing gets the hiccups frequently, although they seem to have subsided lately.  I wonder if they have to do with her anxiousness?


  1. Awww - aren't dog hiccups the cutest? Blueberry had them quite a bit when I first brought her home and every now and again she'll get them. I do wonder if it has to do with anxiety. That's very interesting.

    Hahaha - maybe Ruby thinks the shower leads to a magical room like in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

    1. Oh, I love the magical room idea! She does love to lick my legs when I get out...another weird thing.

      I feel so bad when they have the hiccups because I hate having them myself.

  2. Love this list. It would be cool to have a Blog Hop where we all share 5 things about our dogs :)


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