December 11, 2013

WW 12.11.13: All Ears

Nothing gets past this one...


  1. She and Silas look so much alike somedays! How sure are you about that border collie/jack russell thing?

    Also, sympathies. Sometimes it would be nice to have a dog who could just . . . not notice things.

    1. I know there are differing opinions on how accurate the DNA test is. We did the Wisdom Panel blood test through my vet, so there was no chance of saliva contamination. Those two breeds came back at a high confidence level, purebred grandparents according to the chart. She definitely has the herder tendencies and hyper vigilance of a Border Collie and the scrappiness and tenacity of a Jack Russell. She also looks *exactly* like some 50/50 Border Jacks that I've seen. I'm inclined to believe the test results for those two, and the breeds that make up the rest were mixed to identify.

      She did come from the south, so could be a "feisty" cousin of Silases too!

  2. In that shot, Ruby's ears remind me of beautiful gazelle horns. Love it!


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