March 17, 2014

Ruby Reviews: Newman's Own Snack Sticks

This month, sent us Newman's Own Snack Sticks in Chicken & Rice flavor to review.  I like the Newman's Own brand, and natural or organic products are always appreciated. When I opened the bag they looked and smelled vaguely like pretzels. They are made in the USA and contain certified organic ingredients.


The ingredients are as follows: Organic Chicken, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Barley Flour, Soy Grits, Cane Molasses, Dextrose, Organic Brown Rice, Glycerin, Salt, Cultured Whey, Natural Flavors, Oil of Garlic, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). *Certified Organic 

Since garlic is in the list of things dogs shouldn't have, I am always surprised to see it in an ingredient list, and it does turn up a lot. Does anyone have any insight about this? 

The snack sticks are easy to break into smaller pieces, or they can be given whole as a large occasional treat.  Ruby was happy to take hers into the living room to munch on...once I finally gave it to her, that is.  She was quite enthusiastic about them, and finished the whole bag before this review was written.

The 4 oz. packages of snack sticks are currently on sale for $3.99 from They do contain soy and quite a bit of added sugar in the form of molasses, so they're probably not something we'll be regularly purchasing, but Ruby did enjoy sampling them!

DISCLAIMERI received a full-sized package of Newman's Own Organics treats from in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Garlic in small amounts is fine for dogs. In large amounts, it can cause Heinz-body anemia in SOME dogs. My parents have given their Boston Terriers garlic daily for years as a flea repellent.

    1. Thanks - that is helpful! I've wondered the same about avocado, especially when I see the Avo-Derm dog food.

    2. I think it's the skin and pits of avocado that are the problem. And yes, my research says that some garlic is neutral-to-beneficial.


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