July 4, 2014

Just a Spoonful of Easy Cheese Makes the Medicine Go Down

Following Boca's tooth extraction, she was prescribed a seven-day course of Amoxycillin. Because my dad was visiting I had a product in my house that I wouldn't normally: Easy Cheese. This orange processed wonder has proven to be one of the best ways I have found to give a pill to a dog. I placed the capsule in a spoon, covered it with a swirly dollop of spray cheese and offered the spoon to Boca. She happily licked the spoon clean and smacked her chops appreciatively. Even Ruby, who is suspicious of silverware, had to give it a try. I don't fully trust a dairy product that does not require refrigeration, and it isn't something I'll give my dogs on a regular basis, but it sure beats picking gummed-up, spat-out pills off the floor!


  1. If it works, use it! I admit to having purchased a can or two of it in the past, as a treat for my dogs.

  2. "Suspicious of silverware" Oh, Ruby. LOL.

    The behaviorist had me use Easy Cheese to do leash training with Silas, because it's easy to dispense, but crazy Silas does not like it. Apparently that makes him a weirdo.

    Our go-to for pills is a sliver of butter. When Silas was taking tablet Prozac, it very quickly dissolved into a bitter (from the way he behaved) goo, so I found a freeze-dried treat was perfect.

  3. Easy Cheese is our miracle treat around here. It was the ONLY treat that Lucas would take when he was going through his intense reactions. I'm not ashamed to admit we always have a can on hand! It's relegated to "highest value" for him, and I've been so glad we found at least something he would eat in high-stress situations... even if it is a combination of chemicals made up to resemble a cheese-like product!

  4. Hey - if it works, who cares? Although I have never bought canned cheese, I suppose if I were desperate enough I would. I have found that hot dogs (the expensive, "good" kind) are great pill pockets for Blueberry. I think I would probably cry a little if I ever had to buy her canned cheese. ;)


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