July 3, 2014

Ruby Reviews: Pet Naturals Flea + Tick Repellent

We don't have much of a flea problem in Colorado, but both of my rescue dogs arrived from elsewhere with some unwelcome hitchhikers (ticks) and depending on the weather patterns and area, ticks can be an issue here. For this reason, and because I avoid using chemical flea/tick products for my dogs, I was excited to try the natural Flea + Tick spray and wipes from Pet Naturals of Vermont.

Both the wipes and spray are made with natural lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and castor oils that disguise the dogs' scent, making them less attractive to blood-sucking pests.  The products can be safely applied to skin, fur, bedding and collars.

My dogs are not huge fans of the spray sound/sensation, so the wipes are a better fit for us. The wipes are generously sized and perfect for getting the ears and face (avoiding the eye area of course). They do have quite a strong citrus and cinnamon smell, but I found it very pleasant.

I applied the repellent before taking my dogs into a field of tall grass near my house, and we returned from our walk bug-free. The spray and wipes also repel flies and mosquitoes, so I think they will be a great natural summertime essential.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided Flea + Tick wipes and spray from Pet Naturals of Vermont in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and I will not publish reviews for a product I will not use myself in the day to day life of my pets.


  1. We LOVE our wipes because it is the only thing that seems to repel mosquitoes! We don't have a problem with fleas or ticks either but the mosquitoes are stupid bad! I like them better than the drops too.

  2. Oh, those wipes might be just the thing. Silas is terrified of sprays. The neighbor's stupid cat is giving us a mild flea problem this year--not enough for medication, but enough that I've been looking for *something.* Not to mention our insane mosquito problem.

    1. I'd be more than happy to mail you some - they sent more than I'll ever use!


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