April 20, 2016

Heartbeats at my Feet

Denver was buried in heavy, wet spring snow this weekend - all of the eagerly blooming flowers and trees suffered and my townhome grounds are strewn with fallen branches. The remaining snow is now littered with pink crabapple petals, a strange sight of delicate decimation. It snowed for 36 hours straight and even though the ground was warm and much melted immediately, we still had around 18" of accumulation.

I was in a minor non-weather-related car accident while driving a rescue dog to a foster home on Friday evening (I was the front car in a three-car rear-end accident at a traffic light), and while I am okay, I was more than happy to be snowed in with The Ginger Sisters for some enforced relaxation the remainder of the weekend. They are such dear companions, and it fills my heart with love and contentment to see them sleeping at my feet.


  1. There is something so soothing about a sleeping dog. <3 The petals in the snow sound beautiful!

  2. Glad to hear that you're ok! I'm glad the weather gave you a good excuse for relaxation--it sounds like things were pretty gross out your way! My grandpa was even interviewed by one of the news channels because he had so many tree limbs down in his yard. I'm glad your experience with the snow storm was more pleasant ;)


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