May 5, 2016

Ruby Reviews: The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers

This month, The Ginger Sisters were excited to try Proper Toppers, the newest offering from The Honest Kitchen. I know I wasn't imagining them looking longingly at the package on the counter when I told them we couldn't open it until we got pictures... 

I feed a wide variety of brands, foods and formats in the girls' rotation diet, and I enjoy being able to mix things up. I always add fresh food, goat milk and an oil supplement to their kibble meals every other night, along with some kind of topper. Proper Toppers fit the bill as they are made with a mere five healthy ingredients melded together in easy-to-feed morsels- think of it as doggie granola (without the grain)! 

We tried the turkey variety, which contains free-range turkey, pumpkin, blueberries, apples and chard - that even sounds good to me, if I ate turkey. Proper Toppers are 90% meat and can even be used as a complete meal, albeit a pricey one. 

The clusters hold together well and could be used as training treats without issue. Ruby and Boca expected their payment in Proper Toppers as soon as we were done taking pictures, and I've been feeding them along with their kibble meals all week. I'm not at all surprised to have another great offering from The Honest Kitchen! Do you ever use a kibble topper? 

Disclaimer: I was provided The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers in exchange for my honest review.All opinions expressed are my own and I only publish reviews for products I feel comfortable using in the day to day life of my pets.


  1. Those look worth a try
    Lily & Edward

  2. I always use a kibble topper! Usually cooked meat and some vegs in a little broth because options are so limited here. But I will look into these. Just, for me, shipping costs are prohibitive.

  3. We tried these last month and the dogs loved them. They are a bit expensive but such nice quality and a little goes a long way. I always use kibble toppers of some sort...all different things. These are very convenient. I had a dog stay with it's breeder one weekend and this was easy to pack with regular kibble in her travel bag

  4. It'll be interesting to see if this line grows. If The Honest Kitchen provides a fish option, I'll be placing an order.

  5. I want to try these as a dry treat for my dogs but are they really hard or sharp? My dogs are small and one has esophageal issues and we can't do very hard foods. Thanks.

    Culver City Storage


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