January 23, 2014

TbT: Beautiful Lasya

This is my Chow/GSD mix, Lasya, in 2006.  I'd had her since 2000 but at the time of this picture I was living by myself for the very first time in a charming little duplex in my favorite neighborhood in Denver, along with my other dog, Freya, and my cat, Nina.  The Purple-Tongue Clan often get a bad rap, but she was an amazing dog.  She could be aloof and was definitely independent, but I could trust her around all people, dogs and children.  She had wonderful social skills.  A little girl once whacked her on the nose for no discernible reason and all she did was blink.  I love how her mahogany eyes stand out in this picture.  Lasya was my first dog as an adult, and I could not have asked for a better one. 


  1. What a gorgeous girl! Sounds like a very special dog.

  2. What a beautiful dog! I'm glad you got an easy dog to start with.

    1. Yeah, she may have made it seem too easy :) Her only issue was Houdini-esque escape tactics for the first year or so, but she was close to perfect.

  3. What a pretty dog. Dogs are amazing and so dear once they are a member of the family.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

  4. Wow she was beautiful! You can just see her gorgeous soul in this picture!


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