May 2, 2014

Ruby Reviews: Sweetpea Kitchens

When I learned about Sweetpea Kitchens, there were a couple things to love right away: 
  • Their treats are all natural, organic, and made with human-grade ingredients
  • They are handmade in small batches right here in Colorado! 
I strive to provide Ruby with a healthy, natural diet - treats included - and I support small, local business whenever possible. I was delighted when Sweetpea Kitchens sent us their three best-selling flavors to sample.

  • Myles: Gluten-free peanut butter & blueberry 
  • Lakota: Gluten-free turkey bacon, cheese and applesauce
  • Oh My Apple Pie: Gluten-free apple & cinnamon

Ruby is always happy to assist in the taste-testing portion of a treat review. She sampled the cute heart-shaped Oh My Apple Pie, the small Lakota biscuits, and the mini Myles biscuits. The Myles flavor seemed to be her favorite, and she even staged a "I need to go out so I can come back in again" fake-out to try to earn some extras! The treats are easy to break into smaller pieces for use in training as well, and all of them smelled good enough to eat myself. 

This time around we have a special guest reviewer: Lydia the Fostercake! Lydia is learning how to sit and lay down for treats and likes the Myles flavor as well. I'm a big fan of Sweetpea Kitchens and think they will become a staple in the treat jar around here. 

DISCLAIMER: I was provided three packages of Sweetpea Kitchens biscuits in their top-selling varieties in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. I love small, local companies. Those treats sound great.

  2. They sound good! Heck, I'd probably try the apple & cinnamon variety myself!

    So glad Ruby and Lydia are getting along so well. They look like good friends already. So cute.


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