June 13, 2014

Ruby Reviews: The Pet's Tech LED Collar and Leash

The Pet's Tech sent us an LED lighted collar and leash for review. Boca got to take her turn as official product reviewer this time around since the small collar was still a bit big for Ruby. In the wintertime, my weekday dog walks are mostly in the dark, so a product like this will be very useful to increase our visibility on the dark streets and sidewalks. 

The Pet's Tech offers the leashes and collars in a variety of fun colors that are even flashier once they are lit up. They have a 150 hour rechargeable battery life. My one issue with the collar is that the adjustable side is not back-stitched (the end can come through the buckle) which is not secure enough for me to consider using alone. Since I walk my dogs with harnesses, the collar can simply be used as a safety accessory, but I would not clip a leash directly to it. These leashes and collars are economically priced and the materials are in line with the price point. 

These photos are not the best since they were taken in low light, but you can see just how bright the collar is. It is easy to turn on and off and has three illumination options, changed with the little button on the battery pack: steady, slow flash and fast flash. The flashing is definitely attention-getting but for my own eyes' sake I prefer the steady glow. 

I recommend The Pet's Tech LED lighted collar to anyone looking for an affordable way to keep their dog safe for nighttime walking (or attending any doggie dance parties). 

DISCLAIMER: I was provided an LED leash and collar from The Pet's Tech in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and I will not publish reviews for a product I will not use myself in the day to day life of my pets. 


  1. Doggie dance parties...I didn't even think of that! ;)

  2. The collar looks like a great idea will be sure to check them out!

  3. Someone in my dimly-lit neighborhood walks a pair of Springer Spaniels with these collars, and it is really helpful. Although, love him, he has the Springers sit on the grass next to the sidewalk while anyone walks past, so they're hardly a menace. (Can I confess that I'm torn between admiration and a sneaky hate spiral?)

  4. Oh, I really need to get one of these for our winter nighttime hiking!


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