June 3, 2014

Two's Company

I couldn't miss another Ruby Tuesday, and hope to be posting regularly again. I've had a hard few weeks, and I can't help but think that Boca came to us from the islands just in time. She's been with me for just a little over a month and has fit into life so seamlessly that I can't believe I considered adopting her out for even one moment. She is the perfect big sister, the most mellow companion, and doubles the joy that is added to daily routines. Walks are more fun, playtime is a riot, and I spend serene evenings on the loveseat book-ended by warm ginger and white bodies. We've had several weekend trips to my aunt's and friend's house in the Colorado Springs area, and Boca integrates into both groups of dogs with a calm and playful confidence. At home she is happiest napping in the sun, even as our temperatures climb into the upper 80s she chooses to sprawl out on the patio concrete in the direct radiance, a true tropical girl. 

I have been working on a few commands with Boca - she has picked up "sit," "paw" and "down," and it's adorable to have the dogs running through them in tandem. Like the big sister she is, if she wants the toy that Ruby has, she bounds up to her and takes it, and Ruby always defers. They sometimes sleep with their heads nestled together and their paws intertwined, or both crushed together in one bolster bed. Boca is pure sweetness: every morning she belly-crawls over the bed with her mouth open blissfully as if she can hardly believe she woke up in this wonderful place called home again. It reminds me to be grateful for the little things. We should all be filled with such regular delight!


Boca arrived with severe infections in both ears, but with the careful attention of the fantastic vet associated with the rescue group (who I am switching over to because she is just that great) and two rounds of medication, they have cleared up miraculously. It is recommended that I proactively clean her ears thoroughly at least once a week in case it is a chronic condition. She also has a tooth that will probably need to be pulled and I have an appointment for vaccinations for both girls later in the month. Boca will have her pre-dental bloodwork at that time and the cleaning/extraction scheduled soon after. I've also noticed a tiny opacity in her right eye - I'm somewhat concerned but will see what the vet has to say and take each thing in stride. Her skin and coat have improved tenfold, which I owe at least in part to a quality diet and supplementation with coconut oil and Organic Pet Superfood

Mealtimes are easy: I know from past experience that some picky eaters are cured by the presence of another dog and Ruby is no exception. For the most part they are getting Honest Kitchen Love with added green beef tripe for breakfast, and Fromm kibble with an Addiction canned topper for dinner. Boca is not so far a fan of fruits and vegetables like Ruby is, but loves any sort of biscuit or training treat. Elder kitty has not suffered with this addition: although Ruby can still be obnoxious with her, Boca treats her very politely. This week I've been transitioning to leaving the girls in the kitchen area for the afternoons while I'm at work. I was able to do some shorter trials while on vacation last week, and it went well. Boca will spend the mornings in her crate and the second half of the day in the kitchen with Ruby. All in all I simply adore having two dogs again. The house feels more full, Ruby is happier and more enriched, and Boca is so clearly exactly where she belongs.  


  1. I'm so glad to read your many good things.

  2. I'm happy too, to see how well Boca is doing. Just warms my heart to think of her smiling every morning. And I've been cracking up since day one, seeing Ruby's giddy expression. "A sister!!"

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a hard time, otherwise.

  3. They really are a beautiful pair. Fortune smiled upon you all.

  4. They are a darling pair. I am glad to read everything is going so well.

  5. It sounds like Boca is just where she needs to be. And glad to hear Ruby is happy with her too.

    When you're ready, I look forward to reading more about the two "sisters."

  6. You've got a perfect pair, I'm so glad everything is working out so well.


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