October 17, 2015

Defeating Dog Dish Slime with YoMo Essentials

In my early dog guardian days it didn't occur to me to wash my pets' bowls regularly, but then I realized how gross that was. Now that I feed a partially dehydrated and frozen raw diet, it's an absolute must. 

I don't like to use harsh chemicals on dishes my dogs eat and drink out of, but there is always that yucky slimy residue left no matter how hot the water or how much I scrub and not all of my pets' bowls are dishwasher safe. 

For this reason I was happy to try out an all natural pet bowl cleaner by YoMo Essentials. No More Slymees is a spray-on cleaner made from great-smelling essential oils, safe enough to use on your own dishes. 

After their meals, I spray No More Slymees in The Ginger Sisters' bowls, enjoying the pleasant minty fragrance while it cuts through the nasty gunk. With a simple hot water rinse, the bowls are sparkling clean and slime free! 

YoMo Essentials also offers grooming spray, calming spray and insect repellant and I'm happy to support a small company that is dedicated to safe, all-natural products that tackle problems unique to pet parents. I'll be keeping a bottle of No More Slymees next to my sink from now on! 

Disclaimer: I received a sample from YoMo Essentials in exchange for my honest feedback. All opinions expressed are my own and I only publish reviews for products I feel comfortable using in the day to day life of my pets.


  1. I'll have to get this! The dogs' water bowls get especially gross.

  2. This is a clever idea! I never thought of using essential oils in this way. Love it! Our dogs drink their water pretty quickly so we rarely have the slime, but I've had to develop a habit of changing and cleaning the water dishes.


  3. I use vinegar - works like a charm!

  4. I would love to try this out. Bain's food bowl gets slimy pretty quickly.


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